Why Am I Still in Awe of Twitter?

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A quick read on why I am in awe of this amazing mini-blogging site and what you can gain from it.

I use Twitter to connect with people, learn, and read. In the process, sometimes I make business connects. Help people by spreading their words and pitches.

My top 5 reasons you have to be on this wonderful platform:

  • Boundaries crumble: I never thought I will be talking to people across Asia and Europe. Knowing how their day goes. The possibilities of my work expanding to their countries. Every boundary that is there crumbles on Twitter.
  • Easy, fast, fun: Connecting (Following) is fun. Retweeting and broadcasting your message is super fun. Earlier, as a Writer, I thought 140 words was limiting. But it’s nice; you can say more in less.
  • Business but not so serious: Even if you pitch your services, like we do, it can still be fun for others. If you mix with quotes, pix, and some humor, it’s fun. And in a stressful world with constant dwindling taxes and challenges, why not have some fun while are at it.
  • Content, but less of it: I like to write and build a story. But, on this platform I just tell the first chapter. Build a curiosity and get the interested storytellers in a room. Speaking less philosophically, your shout out for content is simple yet effective.
  • Reach: My final reason and I can’t even get started to rave about it. That famous celebrity or the maverick politician, that investor from Iceland, or the mad scientist from Newark , it’s so cool to reach out to all of them

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