Chasm of my marketing performance


Quick way to measure my marketing performance/numbers.

First of all to measure anything we need a scale or a benchmark. It’s like measuring the distance of the football field and we need to have the measuring tape with us. Without it we already know what is going to happen.

So there are two ways of getting a measuring tape for my marketing numbers:

  1. My Past – Trends, Average growth rate etc.
  2. My Future – Average growth, prediction etc.

It’s like we can measure our present, either from the eyes of our past or from the eyes of our future.

Let’s see what the difference between the two:

  1. Our past is always the trickiest as lot of changes happened and is happening to my brand, competition. Its time consuming and at the same time gives us an idea about what milestones we have covered but not what we will be covering next. Even if we are doing so, one wrong turn decision which looked the most promising one at that time helps us in getting lost.
  2. Our future, this is of course the biggest challenge for the marketing people, as to believe who and what. Often the predictions are so cryptic that we need a translator to understand them just like the Oracle of Delphi, always talking in many meaningful codes. This often is the most consuming on the resource front especially time and money.

Now this paradox is like stuck in the chasm of rock and hard place. Which one do you chose……..

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